Morning Walks

More: He’s a dog that I rescued after someone had dropped him at my nursing job at the nursing home. He kept trying to hug every visitor that came to the door. My employer told me I could leave work early if I took the dog home with me, or they were calling the pound on him. I took the early work day and took this baby home. I told myself and everyone that I was gonna let him stay with me until I found his owners or someone to adopt him. 4 years later and he definitely found his home and I found a best friend. He is literally the best gift life could give me and came at the best time when I needed his love the most. He was desperate to find love and be included when he was dropped at my work, and now he gets the most love and is so popular in our neighborhood. Everyone knows Nate and kids I don’t even know come to my house to “see Nate” lol. He even got so close to our next door neighbor who once hated him (he won her over and softened her heart with his love) that she now has Nate his “own water bowl” at her house and she buys treats just for him (she doesn’t have any dogs). He goes straight to her house after every walk and knocks on her front door and she lets him in get his treats and love. She lost her mom last month and Nate actually helped her through it she said. He found me and I couldn’t have asked for a better boy. He’s super social, loves little babies, and is gentle with all creatures. He’s been healing for my heart and everyone deserves to know Nate 😊