Newton with the wind in his ears at Brean, Burnham-on-Sea, UK

More: Newton was just the BEST. When we lost him in 2019 I wrote this 'ode to Newton', which I think is very fitting here too and tells you just about all you need to know: "Connoisseur of steak. Toast and marmite only in the morning and crisps only on a Friday night. Longtime resident of the Orvis and master of Cherington Lake. Occasional lawn digger-upper and frequent water-butt destroyer. Renowned tail chaser and unrivalled kindling chewer. Record wrapper rustle detector. Legend and best friend. And the most incredibly good natured, gentle, smile-making, laughter-giving and characterful dog a family could ever have. Every person that ever met him, even for a second, will know just how much he will be missed". Getting him on the cover of his favourite magazine and website ;P would be an absolutely perfect way to remember a little guy we miss every day! He was very rarely out of his amazing personalised doughnut Orvis, which - in true Newton style - he chose himself by testing out every bed in the Bath (UK) store!