“Please throw it again”

More: Niko was our first senior rescue at age 10. We had Only vet history on him. He loved on our corgi Bryn during her last month as she was dying of Degenerative Myelopathy. He loved on our 2nd senior corgi rescue, Cassie, who died 18 months later of liposarcoma. He loved on our 12 yr old rescue Glory, who died at age 14 of kidney failure. After all this, he had to adapt to an 18 mo old rescued border collie/Aussie sister. THEN, at the start of the pandemic he was diagnosed with an incurable nasal carcinoma. He received 3 doses of high intensity Stereotactic radiation right before MI State’s vet clinic closed down. THEN he started to lose strength in his back legs. DM testing showed he was a carrier and at very low risk. An MRI revealed a Subarachnoid Diverticulum at T9. Luckily, that MRI did not show any nasal cancer recurrence yet, so he had Spinal Decompression surgery at Blue Pearl Veterinary hospital in Grand Rapids in May 2020. Today he’s still very active chasing his ball but is sleeping a bit more. His muzzle turned gray and his eyes get dry so he gets eye drops frequently, as side effects from the radiation. We call him our “million dollar baby” and love him beyond words.