Nina (blonde) Ripley (red)

Sweet Sisters

More: Both are well trained. These sisters were two of the litter to a pair of papered goldens that were left behind by the previous owners when we bought our new house at the start of the pandemic. They were a surprise litter but a joy and beautiful distraction and escape through tough times in the world. Their mother wasn’t well after having them and we became surrogates from one week old on. Nina was the runt, and actually almost died on us twice. The vet said she would likely not make it but was nursed precariously and is a healthy little miracle with the most precious personality - she is calm and alert beyond her years. Ripley is a typical energetic golden with affection and friendly personality flowing from her soul! They are the best surprises my family could ever have had so unexpectedly <3 Nina is registered as a service dog and we would like to find ways to share these amazingly kind spirits in a larger capacity perhaps in children's hospitals but have not yet found the right avenue!