You handing me that stick or not?

More: Nola is a very outgoing, adventurous and loving pup. She’s been through a lot already in her life, when we got her as a puppy it was discovered that she only had 2 months to live and needed an extremely expensive and invasive heart surgery. There was no questions asked, we saved up all our money and asked friends and family for contributions and we went to Fort Collins, drove 30 mph for 23 hours through a blizzard, just to get her there! She is now on lifelong medications but her quality of life is u beatable and she will love a long and strong life just like any other doggo. Nola is extremely protective of her house and family members but loves licking the fave of new strangers once ensuring they’re safe. Her favorite treat it dried chicken jerky and a hike a day is her motto! She loves hiking, playing in the snow and just being lazy on the couch!