Ocean and Buoy

No Lifeguard, No Problem!

More: Buoy (Black/White) - Buoy was found as a stray wandering the streets. A wonderful rescue saved him and connected him with our family. He loves his family and being close to his mommy at all times. Buoy is a social boy and has earned the nickname “Partyboy” because he’ll join any beach goers on their picnic blanket begging for love and attention. Ocean (Gray) - Ocean was rescued from a puppy mill and spent 4 years of her precious life living in a rabbit cage. When we adopted Ocean, she was frightened of every noise, people, and lacked confidence. To watch Ocean blossom into a silly, playful, and affectionate little girl is a priceless transformation to witness. She also adores her brother, Buoy and is most calm at the beach.