Ocholinda, Orvis Cover Girl

More: Ocholinda's name is a combination of Ocho (eight) and Linda (beautiful) in Spanish. Ocholinda because she is our 8th beautiful Doberman. We believe a Doberman belongs on the Orvis cover. They are intelligent and love to train and Ocho is living the Orvis lifestyle on the water in the dreamy Lowcountry along the SC coast. She sleeps on an Orvis bed (in EVERY room) and travels with several Orvis items designed to make the back seat comfortable for her. Ocho is a certified Therapy Dog with Alliance of Therapy Dogs. She has earned her Therapy Dog title and her Advanced Canine Good Citizen title from the American Kennel Club. She brings smiles & joy to patients and staff at area hospitals as well as injured recruits at Parris Island Marine Corps Training Depot. We are so happy she rescued us!