Odysseus Spartacus Kramer III

Patient Anticipation

More: Odysseus ("Odie") was rescued as a puppy somewhere around 8 weeks old after being born in a kill shelter. Since then he's been the best friend a girl could ever ask for. He's the happiest camper when actual camping is involved, but is always happy to join on any adventure. Odie is the smartest dog I've ever had and a special friend to children and other dogs. He has twice protected me in extraordinary ways: a few years ago, there was an attempted break-in during the middle of the night, and Odie scared the intruder away and woke me. Most recently, while at a gas station, a homeless man tried to enter my vehicle. He opened the door and started to climb into the back seat but was scared away by Odie. A good dog is faithful and steadfast, undaunted by danger, obedient, and playful. Like his namesake Odysseus, Odie is the perfect adventurer and companion in life.