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Olive & Ridley

Olive and Ridley enjoying the Florida National Scenic Trail in their Orvis collars.

More: Ridley (brindle dog) is currently going through cancer treatments. A mast cell tumor was removed from his penis by the University of Florida Veterinary Hospital. He's now being monitored because one of his lymph nodes showed early metastasis (cancer spreading). My husband and I fostered and then adopted him in March 2020. He is my heart dog. He was rescued from a rural shelter where he was going to be euthanized. I know nothing of his past, but his teeth were very worn down when we got him. It is truly incredible how much confidence and trust he has gained. He is now the sweetest and snuggliest boy ever and loves romping around in the Florida sun with his sister Olive. She was found in the woods by a spring in Suwannee County. Four pups abandoned. Olive has really helped Ridley to become a dog and live his best life.