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Ollie Adirondack

The temperature is below freezing, perfect weather for adventure!

More: My husband wanted a dog and I did not. I could recite the reasons we shouldn't have one: we're empty nesters and never home, a dog would ruin our carpet/furniture/etc., I'd end up having to take care of it. Then my sister suddenly and tragically died, putting things into perspective. Five months after her death, two-month-old Ollie was a surprise present for my husband's birthday. Ironically, I am absolutely smitten with Little O (as I call him). I love walking and training him, spending hours with him off leash roaming in the woods and fields. He's an adventurer, loves climbing on/over obstacles, has an outgoing personality, swims like a seal, bounds high like a deer, runs like the wind, and provides comfort, companionship, and phenomenal snuggles.