Just a beautiful day to play

More: Onyx is the sole survivor of a litter of 12 and 1 of 3 who survived birth. Her sisters died at 4 days and 2 weeks. She was left with no littermates. She was hand raised and bottle fed and had a low chance of surviving. She wasn't growing properly and a 6 weeks, she barely weighed 2 lbs. Her foster had a light bulb go off and thought it might be the dog food. A small change to proplan puppy sensitive skin and stomach made all the difference. It was like miracle grow. Today, Onyx is adored by us. She is on a prescription dog food, her treats are healthy fruits and vegetables and she is growing. She is allergic to corn, even broken down. She and her teenage human are 2 peas in a pod. The teenager is also severely allergic to corn. Our goal is Onyx will be a service dog one day.