Opal sits in front of the marsh on our hike while wearing her Rex Specs K9 goggles.

More: Opal is a Double Merle Australian Shepherd. This means that she was improperly bred so she now carries two merle genes, a patterning an color of a dogs coat that is desirable among the public. A double merle dog has an increased chance of being completely deaf and/or blind. Opal is entirely deaf and vision impaired. She wears her Rex Specs K9 goggles to protect her compromised eyes and provide her with a darker world as the bright sun hurts her eyes. This is Opal. She was born October 10th of 2020 in Oklahoma. She was rescued through Keller's Cause and transported to Maryland. I adopted her at the very end of January. She is entirely deaf and vision impaired. She is a textbook, stereotypical dog who loves life and strives to explore every curiosity she has. She is fun loving and yet to meet a person or animal she doesn't want to be friends with. She loves to play and can excersise her brain and body for hours on end. She enjoys puzzles as much as a good walk or a game of fetch in the yard. Even though she is only 9 months she is very gentle with young kids and will roll over on her side for the rest of her day in chance that they will pet her. Even though she hasn't been handed the best cards she takes what she has and embraces every piece of herself, truly believing that she is perfect in every way. This girl is a special pup and I'm glad I have the chance to experience life with her.