O’Ryan – Hera (their alias’s are Stinky & Nunzio)

You talking to me?

More: These two dogs are inseparable. The little guy, ( O'Ryan ) is very sweet and Hera is what I call, people smart. She follows logical people sentences very well. I gave them the nicknames, Stinky and Nunzio because it just seems to fit! She (Hera) is extremely smart, regal looking and very obedient. They don't do anything without the other in tow. They have their own room, bed (old crib mattress) their own covers that they cover themselves in every night and dog art in their room. ( Starry Starry Night with Snoopy) :-) I hear them talking to each other how they would love to be famous too. They have that certain, outdoorsy man's best friend/each other's best friend look!