My Brilliant baby

More: Oscar is my Joy! My best buddy! He will celebrate is 16th year of life in about 1 more month. I adopted Oscar in 2007 when he was just 6 weeks old. We are inseparable ever since. He loves to go on daily walks and chill in the backyard just sniffing around. He loves to play fetch, loves kids and people. On his 9th birthday I threw him a big family birthday party and I made birthday cake that looked like a dog bowl with cereal as the dog food to celebrate him and we ate cheeseburgers too and he received a hand made dog bed. Everyone loves him. My sister found him at the pet store when I adopted him and even though I never see her anymore, I have a connection to her through my Dog that is very special. My dog has changed my life forever by enriching it with friendship and unconditional love. Oscar deserves the very BEST in life and also to be celebrated. So I have one question.. Who saved who here? :)