I want to be loved, will you love me?

More: He was a rescue dog from a hoarder situation and was left uncared for. He was sent to a shelter and all of his brothers and sisters were adopted but not him. He had to have a special surgery and could not be adopted out. We LOVE dogs and after losing two of our pups it took us 7 years to get the courage to get a new dog. We went to shelter to rescue and did not get a dog and then out of pure luck we got a call that Otis was ready for a forever home but we only had 30 minutes to get up to the shelter to meet him. We left our dinner on the table and went right up to the shelter and bonded immediately. Otis had filled the hole in hearts that we thought could never be filled again after losing our last two pups within two months. Our family is complete and Otis loves to have adventures with us outdoors!