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Prepping to nap in the big chair

More: Otto is one of a litter of six (they all look alike!) rescued in SC by New England Lab Rescue. He and one brother were fostered by friends here in Vermont. One of his siblings had the DNA test done and it came back 50/50 Weimaraner/German Shepherd. Zero lab! Otto has a lab sister, Tika who will be 10 in June. She keeps him in line and he keeps her young. They both love walks, hikes, playing in the snow and Tika is looking forward to taking Otto swimming this summer! Otto gets along with everyone and wiggles his body and wags his tail when he sees another dog. We have a group chat with all of Otto’s siblings (all in New England). We compare notes, images and videos of these crazy pups! We’re planning to all meet sometime this summer, when it’s safe to get together. Can’t wait!