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Giving the rats of NYC a 1 way ticket to the Promised Land.....

More: A rescue from Rowan County, Kentucky 1 day before his PTS date, Paco is known on every continent for his rat hunting adventures with a group of fellow rat hunting terriers known as R.A.T.S. (Ryders Alley Trencherfed Society) Paco is named after my first dog which was in turn named after one of my father's dogs growing up in Cuba; all eerily looking about the same with the same personalities. Now at 13, he sleeps more, the eyes have clouded a bit, but Paco is always ready for a new adventure or a good rat hunt on the streets of the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Paco co-habitates in Northern New Jersey with his human and big sister Golden Retriever, Cannoli, a rescue from Turkey.