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Panda (R.I.P. 2010 - 2022), Ocean Beach, San Francisco 2022

More: We are saying goodbye to Panda on Friday 6/24/22. He has let us know it is his time. Panda has been unable to walk on his own for the past few months; we are watching his degenerative myelopathy progress up his spine daily and have vowed to never let it reach his front legs. He has been such a good sport through everything, never once showing any discomfort or signs of slowing down, still expecting three beach walks a day from us right till the end. We are going to be lost for a while without him and thought sending this picture to you might help us and his little brother Buster find our way. In the pic, Panda is wearing one of his fav Orvis collars (SF Giants colors, of course!). Thank you for providing this outlet for our grief.