Exploring the tulip fields

More: Parker is a rescue from a local humane society. I happened to start looking at local dogs that morning and when I saw her sweet face pop up I knew I had to have her. I called the shelter that Friday morning and told them I could come and pick her up that Sunday. She asked if I wanted to come and meet her first and I said that’s not necessary and we scheduled a time. All her description said was “shy.” Well this girl is anything but shy. It took her a bit to adjust like any rescue, but once she settled in her personality started to shine. She’s a sweet, well mannered, friendly, active, and absolute weirdo of a dog and I am so glad she is mine! I am still puzzled to this day as to why her previous humans failed her and decided they didn’t want her, but grateful I checked the humane society’s website just minutes after they posted her. It was meant to be! Looking forward to many more adventures with my girl! She loves car rides with the windows down, hiking, walking trails by the water, and brunching on occasion. Parker girl, you are so loved!