Rain or shine we’re outside

More: Pascal is a Portuguese water dog that loves to steal and take socks as hostages- and he is not above eating them if you have no treats to trade them for. He’s a class clown that thrives on making people laugh with his goofy attitude and he has never met a person or dog that isn’t his best friend. A bit rambunctious- okay more than a bit- but he has made it his mission to keep his mom and family on their toes by making sure everyone is ready for anything! Nap time? More like BARK time- is that a burglar or a squirrel?!- it’s a LEAF! BARK BARK BARK!! Daily routine involves helping grandma feed the chickens- and while she is collecting eggs, pascal is sweet enough to make sure the birds get their much needed exercise by playing a game of chase with them. This is followed by half an hour of “staring down” our three sheep (Whisky, Tango, Foxtrot), although I’m sure the trio are just curious as to why this furry weird black sheep is sitting and drooling at them from the other side of the gate instead of eating grass with them. My fault mostly- pascal gets them confused with his stuffed toy sheep. Regardless, he’s all bark and all cuddles. pretty sure he thinks he’s half cat anyway- But that’s a story for another day!