Patty (aka Patty-Cakers)

sitting on her side which she always does

More: Patty has probably had over 10 litters or more, she was in a puppy mill that had more then 100 cats and dogs in cages in a basement. They found a shed stacked full of dead dogs out back of the property. Patty was so skinny and very bad skin issues. When my wife picked her up she felt babies in her belly, She somehow had 5 healthy babies. So we adopted her and one of the puppies. Piper who I listed also. Patty does not bark, my wife tries to entice her with treats. Piper the puppy taught mom how to act like a dog. She only knew how to be a Mom. She would cuddle all the toys like they were her pups. She has the good life now, but I will say we did rescue her, but she saved us during Covid. She is demanding to go on walks each morning now and loves to sun on the deck. I hope she lives along time to enjoy this life she is living now.