Penny & Scout

Together is our adventure!

More: Penny & Scout joined our family in July of 2019. They had been abandoned on a farm in Arkansas, and despite efforts to find an owner, never claimed. Once turned over to a shelter, it was clear that they were a bonded pair- so in sync that they were probably either mother/daughter or sisters. Always together, looking out for each other. Our family was lucky to find them thru a rescue In Connecticut. Shortly after we filled out our paperwork we found out that Scout had heart worm disease- very common down south. We could not dare change our minds due to this news- look at them!!! We needed them as much as they needed us. Scout did super with her treatments and has been healthy ever since!! We don't know their age or birthdays---but that doesn't matter to us. The absolute BEST thing about our rescue experience was observing how comfortable they became in our home once they realized and TRUSTED that they were here to stay. They love cuddling together on the couch, walks, and treats!!! They are the absolute joy in our days and little hearts of our family! (Penny & Scout" PSA"-- "Adopt- don't shop!") ❤️❤️