Our backyard where she loves to run and chase squirrels I caught her standing still very rare

More: She loves the go fly fishing with us to the river, loves her family so much, especially our 7 grandchildren. She can jump about 3 feet into the air as she chases squirrels! She is funny as all get out and makes us laugh every day! She’s been a therapy dog to me as well as I had 2 major surgeries last year and has been by my side as I have healed and worked out in PT. She also has struggled with Covid as we walk daily and missed her friends up close! She loves everyone and when anyone comes over she thinks they came just to see her! We lost our Golden to cancer and I didn’t think I could ever get another dog it was so hard. But we got this gal a few years later at 10 months and I am so thankful we did!