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Pepper, Belle

the pups watching sailboats going by from their own adirondack chairs

More: Belle Pepper (yep, that's our nickname for them) are two totally awesome dogs. Pepper is our little miracle dog-- in the last 7 years she's had 3 disc surgeries (slipped discs cause her to become paralyzed, and we always nurse her back), 1 gall bladder removal surgery, and been attacked twice by larger dogs. But she never loses her spirit or her amazing fun personality. (I think we're putting our vet's kids through college!) After we lost an older Pointer 6 years ago, Pepper became immensely depressed, so we brought home the Poodle puppy, and they've been inseparable ever since. We live on 5 acres on the water now, so they run, play, and swim. Still trying to get them on the paddle boards!