birds are tasty, and deers taste pretty good, but rocks are DELICIOUS

More: While perfectly content spending his days sleeping outside in the sun typically (I'll attribute that to the Pyr in him), Percy really comes alive when we go on adventures. He absolutely loves to spend time in the woods/hikes, nose to the ground, grabbing all the good sniffs, and occasionally clumsily swimming in creeks that we come across. After a long day of running up and down mountains, he can't wait to snuggle up in one of our very old Orvis beds - it's his favorite thing and I'm sure he wishes we had one in every room of the house (and car)! Percy is an incredibly personable, goofy, all around good boy and I'm so thankful I rescued him last year. I can't wait to continue to have him as my road dog and adventure bud for many years to come.