Perdita in her Jimmy Buffet shirt waiting for the party to start

More: We found Perdita on the street in San Miguel, Mexico when she was 2-1/2 months old and weighed 4 lbs. Right from the start, she was the most cheerful, calm, and affectionate dog we have ever owned. She is our ambassador when we travel, going up to strangers and other dogs with great interest and affection. Everyone loves her. She actually smiles in this endearing way. She is not a big eater but she loves croissants, and of course turkey drives her crazy. We left Perdita with friends who have a dog and a cat for a week when we went to England recently, and the woman cried when we picked Perdita up because she had fallen completely under her spell. We have all these photos of her hanging out with the other pets. Despite having a bad back leg, she can walk or hike for miles without flagging. She really is the perfect dog.