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Love to chill with my humans

More: She’s sweet, loves to hang out with us at the barn: our horses. And her favorite overnight is at grandmas house …. Playing with her small dogs: chihuahua and dachshund/terrier: Rocky. Paris (nickname) …. Is also our clinic “therapy dog” and our patient’s will schedule their appointments around the times/days she’s at the office (she’s the doctor’s dog 🐻). Patient’s will always bring her treats. Paris also loves a good mountain day and a beach day at the local - Huntington Beach dog park. She’s only 95 lbs (her dad, Zeus is 180) …. But she thinks she’s a small dog when we take places (which is almost everywhere). We take her to the Orvis store (Pasadena,CA) when we go shopping … and she always gets spoiled with dog treats 🦴 from their staff 💕. She’s an awesome doggie !!!!