Yesss! Spring is near!

More: He was found chained to a fence at 9 months old in the hot August sun no water no food and i could count his ribs through his saggy skin. I dewormed him and nursed him back to health First friend was a kitten who would come every day to sit with him and play. He was so careful with her even at 9 months he was gentle. Not 1 accident inside and will wake me to out if need be. In a entire year i my hear him bark 6 times even if other darks are barking at him. I was having a diabetic episodes while sleep and unable to wake up out of it and am sure slipping i to a coma. He did a rain dance on me and pulled all the cover off and finally I snap out of it and sat onside the bed. Still unable to think cleary but feeling tbe oyxgen coming back in my body literally starting in my feet and rushing to my head. I check my sugar which was 30 I got up and walked to the kitchen shaking and he was right behind me. I dranked some orange juice and stop shaking. He watch me until I stopped sweating and shaking. We are best of friends forever now ! Am battling heart worms in him to return the favor and having a tough go as a 60 year old vet on a pension trying to save my friend. If we win his Vet will get every penny to save jis life.