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Piper scouting birds in Maine

More: This is Piper scouting for birds near Lincoln, Maine last August. She had been diagnosed with osteosarcoma of her right humerus earlier in the summer. This photo was taken only 4 days after her previous chemo treatment, and about 2 weeks after her leg amputation. She happily flushed a woodcock, and three partridge (ruffed grouse) on our short excursion that day. Piper very enthusiastically hunted upland successfully in 3 states on just 3 legs until early December before succumbing to her cancer on the day after Christmas. She loved her Orvis memory foam Tough Chew dog beds. She was a trooper, and loved to hunt. Best upland dog I have ever known, and is sorely missed. After her diagnosis, she was part of a clinical trial at Tufts Veterinary School that may help dogs and children with osteosarcoma in the future. Your email about supporting cancer research in dogs inspired me to send this photo in. Thanks for your consideration.