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Isn’t the beach wonderful!

More: Pippa has the nickname of ‘playful pup’! Although she gets a fancy haircut and prances like a show dog, she is a tomboy at heart. She loves rolling in the sand at the beach and laying in mud puddles. She is the first to greet dog friends at dog park and hopes one of her friends will run ‘like the wind’ with her! She loves our daily walks along the river where her nose doesn’t miss a thing! She is a great watch dog and protects us from squirrels too! She loves our whole pack of extended family. When she stretches out to her full length and releases the toy she has been playing with and it lays beside her nose, we know that she is settled for the night. My granddaughter, Ivy, took this photo of Pippa while we’re were all at the beach. Pippa had us all laughing hysterically (as she often does) because of her finding such joy in digging and rolling in the sand!!