We can do hard things

More: P was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer 2 days before this photo was taken with an estimated 6 months left. We had just moved to Boston, and he went in for an introductory vet appointment. He was showing no symptoms. It has been three weeks. He isn’t walking much anymore and mostly sleeps, but sometimes he gives a kiss on the nose or a little tail wag. He is set to start his first round of radiation next week. He is a constant reminder that in the face of adversity, we will be okay. Loves water. We can’t keep him out of a muddy puddle, a pond, a lake, or the ocean. Spent almost every day off leash on the trail. 4 years will not be much together, but boy was it full of love, adventure, and lots of swimming. He is the best thing in our world. A soul we knew in another life.