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Mom, can we get a kayak?

More: Pogo is my baby! He was adopted from Cliffords Army Rescue five weeks ago and is doing wonderful! Pogo had a rough start and his original family chained him in the yard after they got him at ages three to 7 months. They fed and watered when they remembered and never paid him any attention. Children threw treats across an electric fence watching to see if Pogo would run and yelp after getting zapped. The family dropped him off at the shelter and told them to euthanize him after a bite to the adult male who kept poking and prodding at him. The shelter refused and instead reached out to Cliffords Army Rescue for their certified trainer of fourty years to come assess. They saw real potential in pogo and adopted him after the necessary bite quarantine. Cliffords Army Rescue got him healthy and beautiful again. I was one of 1200+ applicants and won out due to my activity level and desire and ability to give him love and attention. Many people purchase cocker spaniels and other spaniels as house pets and simply do not realize that they are bird dogs and working dogs. These dogs have so much energy and need a strong leader who is willing to exercise them daily in addition to love and cuddles. Pogo is now in my home where he is currently the most spoiled and loved pup I know. In four weeks he has learned to sit, lay down, stay, come, wait, and crawl. He is on his way to a canine good citizen award so that he can be certified after his bite and perform in agility courses. We hope you love this picture as much as we love him!