Steadfast and Determined

More: Purdey has been an unbelievable dog for these past 4 years. She's around 60 pounds and very easy to maneuver in the duck blind. I received her as a gift from a friend and I'm forever thankful. I think most people will come on here and it will always sound biased but Purdey truly is special. I named her after the Shotgun Manufacturer but also fits as she is a very good looking dog. Being that she has been such a rockstar, I felt almost morally obligated to breed her. She had her first litter January 16th and the reports from all the new owners have been stellar. The dogs are never sold, just rehomed to friends and family, who hopefully keep our little "fraternity" going if they think the dog is worth sharing. The puppy process was a lot of work but all worth it now. Was an incredible experience and I'm happy to share some more of Purdey to the world.