More: We adopted Rae as a puppy from Arkansas. She came from a rescue. Her mom was not neutered and the owners of Rae's mother couldn't afford to keep her or her puppies. Rae's story was a good one. They were taken in and cared for immediately by this amazing women in Arkansas who rescues dogs with thick coats of mange, complete starvation, gun shot wounds and so much more. It's insane what she has seen. Luckily for Rae, she had a good story of adoption. We got Rae because I have an older Beagle and got a puppy that was about 4 months old from Puerto Rico. Eve came to us very timid. She had never been in a building, never been in a collar, didn't know how to climb stairs. She was scared of everything, especially my husband. Eve liked to play with my older dog, but my older dog didn't have the energy so we got Eve a friend Rae. Rae is Eve's therapy. Rae builds Eve's confidence. The are best buds. The share food, beds, toys, play hide and go seek constantly.