When your happy place is a big open field

More: Ralph came to me at about 9 month old. He ran wild most of his life and was rescued by the ASPCA in Vallejo California. He was big, strong and out of control so no one wanted him. He was brought to Oregon on a last chance adoption program and his time was running out fast as he was due to be euthanized soon. I saw his face on the internet and he looked so happy I had to go see him. He had many feral traits and pulled on the leash so hard he pulled my mother to the ground. That's when I knew he had to come home with me. I live on 100 acres in Oregon and he loves it here. He no longer shows' any of the feral behaviors, and has grown into some good manners. His biggest fault is that he wants to play as much as he can. He loves to run, just because he can, and we go on hikes in the woods, fishing, swimming and just playing outside. Ralph loves to play in the snow. He is an amazing companion, always at my feet and ready to protect. He plays well with the young children in the family and is always ready to give us all love. I can take him everywhere and he goes to work with me every day. Ralph is a real rescue success story.