Ralph Lauren, MD (Medical Dogtor)

Even dogtors take days off!

More: Dogtor Ralph is a full-time resident dog at Children's Hospital Colorado. Ralph was bred to be a service dog and spent the first 22 months of his life in training. For the last more than 7.5 years, Ralph has dedicated his life to changing outcomes for hospitalized kids. Ralph works alongside his mom, Kizzy, who is a Certified Child Life Specialist. Together, Ralph and Kizzy motivate kids to do hard things like take their first walk after surgery, comply with taking their medication (it's a lot easier to do once they have seen Ralph drink "medicine" from an oral syringe), and even talk to adults about the scary things that have happened to them. Ralph is the unconditional best buddy and hero to thousands of children; he has been there for end-of-cancer-treatment bell ringing celebrations, and for children's last breaths on Earth, and everything in between. The dogtor is in, and he's a board-certified very good boy.