Princess Raphi

More: Raphi is my fur-son/emotional support being He tries to be my service animal..😆 I remind him daily that he doesn’t have to do that! Spanish is his first language. He IS a diva..social distancing himself…since birth.. Loves baths..hates any body of water..yes you read right..😁..not even the smallest wet spot..Very serious. Yes, he bites..you would too..if your were only 7 1/2 lbs and everyone came at you too fast.. Raphi loves to stare at himself in the mirror..since 10 weeks old. He loves his baby toy so much..if someone looks at it..he is on it..if someone touches it..He snorts and takes it away…You must act like it doesn’t exist..😳🙃.. ..He discontinued playing with said toy..one day he had squeaked it too much..it squeaked funny..He looked at me..snorted..I told him to stop squeaking it.. Never squeaked it again. Still has a funny squeak.