Reba McEntire


More: I I adopted her to be a service dog for me with my other dog I have another Labrador name Abby Ivanka Trump and Reba McEntire is going to be my second dog I'm a double amputee I live in Oklahoma this dog got more energy than I can tell you than Abby see the baby still but Reba McEntire is going to come down a little if she got fixed 6 months ago so it's working I think but she's so active and she's so sexy and so funny that everybody would love her she's got the personality you can't believe after I adopted her to get her out of the shelter she just so happy to have a home and have a sister so I that lives in Oklahoma with me and my other pets she has a cat friend named Bud and she has a chihuahua named Gracie and she don't hurt none of them and if you could meet her you would just love her Reba McEntire is a Reba