Lake Michigan in the summer could fool anyone into thinking it’s the Caribbean

More: To know Remi, is to love her….no, be OBSESSED with her. Rem has such a gentleness and humanity to her, especially the way she meets new people- she looks them in the eye and politely waits to walk up to them until they acknowledge her. My husband adopted her from Craigs List as a puppy in hopes she would hunt for him, but Sweet Remi is easily startled and would rather spend her days snuggling, hiking, going to the beach, or to her favorite stores. She’s easily one of the most perceptive, compassionate, patient, reliable, and gentle creatures you would ever meet 🖤 She has captured the hearts of SO many, and charmed even some of our closest friends and family who generally do not care for dogs- but they light up when they see Rem, including her Grandma! Remi certainly is one of our greatest gifts in this life, and we would hate missing the opportunity to show off this pretty lady!