Remington & Indie

Silent Waves

More: Remington & Indie are full sibling aussies, just a year and a half apart. Oh, and they’re both deaf! We found out Remington was deaf when he was 10 months old, and we were contacted about a year later by his breeder, asking if we’d be willing to raise his younger sister who had just been born, who was also deaf. This was their last litter and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. We primarily communicate using gestures paired with our body language & facial expressions. Remington has mastered over 20 tricks and Indie just mastered her 6th trick! We work daily on their recall, maintaining attention, socialization, agility, and following basic commands. Since starting training with Remington back in 2019, I have started working to obtain my dog training certification. I hope to train other deaf pups, near & far, open my own company, and to just love what I do and change some lives while doing it! If I can impact someone’s life the way Remington & Indie have impacted mine, I’ll call that a success.