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Revna (It means “Raven” in old Norse)

Outdoor Diva Dog spreading the fabulous in Alaska’s, Chugach rainforest.

More: Revna escaped a hard life as a stray in Alaska’s Bush with the name of “Hope.” After finding her forever home, she was reborn as “Revna” - The Raven. Revna follows her human, a large format film landscape photographer, hundreds of miles on foot each year as they travel Alaska’s mountains, forests, and coastlines to explore and capture the beauty of The Last New Land. Revna quickly found her place as an outgoing, Outdoor Diva Dog, Official Happy Trail Greeter, and Indispensable K9 Creative Director while wandering the wilds with her human. She is always ready to share her adventures. According to her, “It’s not rain, mud, or snow; it’s Outdoor Diva Glitter.” Follow her adventures on Instagram, and if you see us out on a wander, stop and say, “Hi.”