Rigsey & Pisces

‘Breathe, focus & nama-stay on the board. Now paddle faster Mom!’

More: Our family loves Heelers! We rescued Rigsey & Pisces from shelters in Tennessee. Rigsey has a ‘special paw’, an old injury from a previous life. Pisces was left at the shelter with a broken femur, that you would never know happened when you see her run. The ‘one eyed bandits’ just happen to have patches on opposite eyes, just like their opposite personalities. They are yin & yang. Rigsey is calm, focused, reserved & quiet. Pisces is high energy, playful, outgoing & noisy. We call them the ‘Misfit Twins’ because when they get together, they work as a team & can herd with the best of them, it’s amazing to watch! Even with their differences, it’s their love of the outdoors that brings them together. They enjoy paddle boarding, hiking, swimming, chasing everything, fetching their favorite balls, playing with friends, riding in the car, learning tricks, cuddling & being loved by their family. We love them & are proud to be their furever family. Happy Heelers : )