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I love the snow

More: “My mom is a foster failure of me. We have been together since 2008. She agreed to foster me sight unseen. I was in bad shape when she picked me up. I had ticks and smelled really bad. I slept in her arms the entire way home. Two weeks later she decided we should stay together forever. I completely agreed with her. She loves me so very much. She has taught me so much over the years. I’m really sweet and smart. I love everyone too. I have two lamb stuffed animals that I run around the house with. Especially when my momma comes home, I have to bring her one of my babies. We go for daily walks and car rides. I sleep with her every night in a warm cozy bed. I love snuggling up to her. I had cancer two years ago. Momma was really worried I would not make it. But I survived cancer and have been healthy ever since. Please vote for me and my momma. As a cancer survivor I would love to be on the cover.Woof! Woof!”