Sweet Riley Girl

More: Riley is a gift from God . My father turned 89 years old on January 6. He lost his golden Casey a few years ago. Dad did qualify for A service dog but the waiting list was a year and a half long. So I am listed my sister and my daughter-in-law to help me find a dog for Dad. I prayed on it and God delivered Riley to us within days. Here she belong to my daughter-in-law‘s dear friends parents who could no longer care for her. They had to move and they couldn’t take Riley with them so their daughter took her in to her family but she knew that Riley deserved a family of her own and when she heard our story she gifted Riley to us. And we are forever grateful. My father is over the moon happy that he has a companion again and it’s amazing she took To him and Milton right into that home no stress no anxiety she knew she was home. We are so grateful she’s our sweet Riley girl