Riley Dorkins

Riley (aka ‘leave it’ ‘let’s go’ ‘leave it’ ‘sit’ ‘leave it’ zoomies) Dorkins

More: Riley loves the outdoors and will follow the an interesting scent as far as well let him. When asked, he can find the neighbor’s dog, his dog siblings, his dad, and any other family members in the woods. He carefully walks down hill when on leash and attached to his mom. Riley also is the first one to try to help dad or mom when they stumble and alerts when others need help. When his big sis Carla was outside the door with full arms unable to open it, Riley pawed up on his dad and directed his attention to the window where she had been trying to get his attention. Riley is doing these things with minimal or no trading. He’s a gentle, intuitive, friendly puppy and we are lucky to have him.