Riley (tan) Bowie (black)

Off to a new adventure

More: Riley is a couch potato until you say the magic words “do you wanna…..” which is usually followed by a walk, car ride, treat, you name it. The reaction varies from a full sprint to you like in the photo or a vertical jump which clears at least 4 ft. She was a rescue from Action for Animals Humane Society. She became part of our family in 2019. All we know about her history is that she was originally rescued from Hurricane Dorian in South Carolina. Bowie (aka bo or bowski) is a sweet, energetic, talkative puppy. He become best friends with everyone he meets and is always dying to say hi. He’s always down for an adventure but is still warming up to going in the car. He is a huge cuddler but will squeeze you off the couch or bed. Bowie is super goofy especially when his ears cross over the top of his head like a Toupee. He is a natural water dog and we cannot keep him out of the pond behind our house. Bowie was rescued from a puppy mill in Georgia where they kept him and his 2 brothers in a cage. As a young puppy he battled parvo but survived. He joined our family in 2021.