Ringo Jefferson Lane

Boy and his frisbee

More: He loves to play with his toys. He gets all excited with people and can jump nearly from a standing position as high as 5 feet, Hastings as though he’s on a trampoline! He is a Mama’s boy and won’t eat his food until he sees me. His playmates are his 2 way older sisters, a Pug, 12, and a Japanese Chin, 13, who he is kind of protective of. The Pug bosses him around! Lol When it comes to treats, he’s never met one he didn’t like! If the little dogs have a treat and can’t eat it fast enough, to him, it’s fair game and everything is his! He likes to hug. In the morning if you have coffee without a lid- he will drink it for you if your aren’t careful. He doesn’t like black coffee, so he never drinks his daddy’s, only mine😂