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Christmas Day picnic at sunset

More: He had a rough start in life. I adopted him from the pound. A Good Samaritan had found him hit and badly injured on River Road (hence his name). He couldn’t keep him but paid all his expenses and said just make sure he gets a good home. After surgery to remove his hip ball joint he had to endure 3 months of kennel rest at the local animal shelter. That’s when our paths crossed. I came to adopt a puppy. On my way out with my new puppy (a yellow lab named tucker) our eyes met and they melted my heart. He was 7 months old at this point. The shelter talked me into fostering him. They said after all the cage rest he just needed someone to walk him a little each day to build up his strength. I had sucker written all over me I guess. So I took two dogs home that day. Of course we fell in love with this amazing sweet dog and made it official two days later. That was January 2013. This past summer he made a road trip with the whole family (5 of us) from Texas to Maine. He was the best travel companion ever! He’s my constant shadow. Very affection towards everyone. I have so many great pictures of him it was hard to choose. But this is the most recent.