Snow day at the new home

More: Rocky had a rough time as a puppy. At about 6 months old we noticed him limping pretty significantly, and it turned out he was born with bilateral elbow displasia. He was our 4th dog from our breeder, so it was just one of those things that happen. Our wonderful breeder took him back and had the surgery done, but when it came time for him to come back to us, our breeder hesitated to return him. She was worried our lifestyle and children were too much for him and that we would end up not wanting him. To us, Rocky was our baby and there was no way he wasn't coming home to us. We would adjust and accommodate, no problem whatsoever. Yes, he gets a little sore after playdates or his impromptu lab labs, but he's been loving our new country property where he gets to explore the woods, pond, stream, chase (really just watch from the porch) the deer and foxes, and defend his chickens. His first snow has been amazing for him and the children, and we are the luckiest family ever.