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Rocky AKA Rockford Alabaster

Take the time to just lay in the grass.

More: Rocky is a great dog with a sad background, he came to use from a family who was going to surrender him back to a shelter, yes, BACK to the shelter. Rocky is originally a seizure / rescue from a bad situation. He spent his days tied to a chain and that happened for so long that he actually tried to chew off his chain to the point where it damaged his teeth. He is the best dog ever (I know, everyone says that) he loves my (his) kids, he loves walks although his age is making that harder. I promise you’d never meet a dog who’s as loving and caring as Rocky is, he loves to cuddle and sometimes thinks, “I know I’m a 130 pounds but I could totally sit on that persons lap” when he’s not doing that or laying outdoors in the grass (his favorite spot) when he’s not doing any of that he likes to sleep.